Follow Elected Officials with TrackerPolitical

TrackerPolitical news junkies will enjoy politicoTrackerfor its ability to quickly aggregate news on their favorite (or least favorite) elected officials. PoliticoTracker includes an impressive list of every elected state and federal representative. However, beyond this its features are somewhat limited and not as fully developed to take advantage of various social networking tools.

The best thing about politicoTracker is the extensiveness of the electeTrackerPoliticald officials’ list. Search for your local member of Congress and then find out how they are proposing to spend your money. Or check out what your local state representative has been up to. The news is broken down by tags, so by tapping on “economy” you would see  the articles that are aligned to that topic.

The search is quite good and produced an interesting variety of information. Though what was frustrating was that after viewing the article summary the link to the full piece would not always work — no matter how many times I tapped the link.

Another good feature is politicoTracker’s ability to save particular public officials to reference again. So if you wanted to scan a couple of times per day what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Republican Whip Eric Cantor are up to, all you would need to do is tap on the icon of the goofy politician and access your favorites. This section is also where you would have listed any articles that you have saved. If for some reason you get lost navigating politicoTracker there is a fairly decent user guide that can be accessed from the main page.

At a cost of $9.95, which is essentially BMW-type pricing for the App Store, politicoTracker will probably only appeal to the true political news addicts that want to not miss any news about some of the key figures in politics. There is a $.95 edition of politicoTracker that streamlines politicians’ tweets. Considering the cost difference between the two apps it seems odd that the more expensive app would be missing a feature present in the cheaper version. If some of these issues get worked out, politicoTracker has potential to be a good app for staying on top of political news.

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