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Guerrilla Bob Blows Stuff Up

Guerrilla Bob is a dual stick shooter with throwaway lines that aren’t that funny — “Say hello to my bullets!” — a 3D landscape that looks like Legoland gone bad, and a story line that won’t replace the Odyssey as the standard of heroic epics any time soon. It’s still a fun jaunt with tons of rewards, weapons, and bad guys.Guerrilla Bob Blows Stuff Up

Guerrilla Bob has three modes, Arcade, Mercenary, and Survival, and all are fun to play. Mercenary, predictably, is where the money is, and money is how you get new toys, so it’s a good place to start.

Here’s the story you’re made to suffer prior to playing Guerilla Bob: Bob grows up with this guy John. John turns to a life of crime, and Bob goes into the military and covers himself in glory. The jealous John sabotages Bob’s military career. Disgraced, Bob goes rogue. When the army is set to nuke John’s thugs, Bob prevents it so he can kill John’s guys the old-fashioned way, one at a time.

The Guerrilla Bob backstory is explained comic-book fashion before the first bullets fly. And about that: your right thumb aims and fires your weapon, and your left thumb moves your guy. If you can’t control both thumbs at one time, the game helpfully “auto-aims” for you upon request at the outset.

Then, it’s a matter of sauntering through town and killing bad guys who try to kill you. Guerrilla Bob is one endless firefight. There are power-ups and money floating around the corpses, and secret areas to unlock. But the main thing is spraying bad guys, or blowing them up, or flambéing them with flamethrowers. At the top of the weapons pyramid is the awe-inspiring chain gun, the gun that says you’ve arrived.

The sound effects and voiceovers are workmanlike, and the bugs are few (one unexpected freeze, and the occasional momentary pause.)

Overall, Guerrilla Bob is cutely bloodthirsty, in a good way. At its original $2.99 price, I’m not sure I would recommend it (though with 4.5 stars, fans in the App Store obviously love Guerilla Bob). But now that Bob’s on sale for a single dollar, you could do much worse.

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